October 28th, 2012

A Magical Halloween


I think I’ve made it clear in my previous post that I love Halloween… a lot. And it comes only once a year! So I figured I’d make the most of it, and do two costumes on two separate nights. Tonight I dressed up as Hermione Granger, which really was just a great excuse to wear my Gryffindor tie and wand out in public. Plus, since I bought the official tie and wand for the final movie midnight screening last summer, I wanted to make the most of it, so I went as Hermione for Halloween last year, and am re-using the costume again this year (though I’ve altered it a tiny bit since last year’s). I like costumes that can be comprised mostly of things you already have, and then you just add a few items, and voila! It’s a costume.

I wore a white collared button-up shirt, Gryffindor tie, black pencil skirt, dark grey knee-high socks, black ankle booties, and accessorized with my wand. I kept my makeup as natural as possible, and curled and teased my hair to make it a bit fluffier. It was another comfortable costume, and I had a lot of fun tonight with my best friend. :)