September 29th, 2013

Mikayla Turns 19: A Night of Firsts


Saturday was Mikayla’s 19th birthday, and having just moved to the city not knowing anyone here but me, I decided to take her out for a night of “firsts”. 

I made reservations for two for the bar at Sassafraz, one of the ritziest Toronto restaurants nestled in the heart of Yorkville (the poshest part of town). During the annual film fest, many a star is spotted there!

I should mention that here in Ontario, the legal drinking age is nineteen, so this was Mikayla’s first opportunity to go out for drinks at a bar. She and I accidentally coordinated outfits, with little black dresses, red lipstick, and heels.

There are two things you can always count on at fancy restaurants/bars: paying exorbitant amounts of money for cocktails, and everyone on staff being very attractive. Essentially: your wallet will suffer but your eyeballs will not.


The birthday girl felt oh-so-Carrie Bradshaw with her first-ever cosmopolitan, and I sipped on a delicious watermelon mojito. Complete with rock candy to stir in – how cute!

The bartender was rather lovely and gave both of us complimentary lemon drop shooters, which were surprisingly tasty, and deceptively strong.

We chatted away, swapping stories and comparing embarrassing drunk tales for a little while until it we reached the bottom of our glasses and needed a refresher. This time, she got a mojito and I got a red wine sangria, which was fabulously good.


The bartender and I had a friendly argument over whether or not starfruit is tasty. (I like it.) He gave me an extra slice of it, daring me to eat it without making a face. Sorry, guy: that was the easiest and most delicious dare ever. You’ll have to do better than that!

Having skipped dinner, by this point I was ravenously hungry, so we popped down the block for another first for Mikayla, and billionth for me: sushi!

Since she was new at it, I didn’t want to scare her off with something crazy like nigiri, so I recommended she order a California roll. That’s just about the least scary sushi roll I could think of, since it has no strong flavours or raw fish.

Long story short: she hated it. Though I can hardly believe it, I guess Japanese cuisine isn’t for everyone!

This story has a happy ending, though, because I got to eat her leftover sushi. More for me! x

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