October 17th, 2014

A Murder Mystery Masquerade

Masquerade Mask Makeup

This past weekend I attended a very special party. A masquerade! And as if that weren’t cool enough – a murder mystery masquerade! It was an exciting and surprise-filled night, but before I get into all of that, why don’t you come and get ready with me?

Nude Lipstick vs Burgundy Lipstick

I styled my hair into loose waves (as per usual) with my ghd Classic 1 Inch Styler, which, in my humble option, is the greatest tool a frizz-prone gal like me can have. As for my makeup, I originally tried it out with a more nude-toned lip, but then decided the occasion called for a bit more drama, so pumped it up to a deep burgundy. Which do you prefer?

To get this lipstick shade, I mixed two colours: MAC Rebel and MAC Viva Glam I.

Purple Smokey Cat Eye

As for my eye makeup, I went with a subtle purple and pale gold smokey eye with winged eyeliner: my all-time favourite, Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. I had originally planned to wear false lashes, but couldn’t be bothered when it came to it. (Which, in retrospect, was a great idea. Though false lashes look great, it was nice not to have to worry about them ungluing throughout the night – which was a long one!)

Masquerade Murder Mystery Gif

Then it was time for the mask. I actually ordered a very different mask online from Etsy, but unfortunately it didn’t get delivered on time, so I had to do a last-minute, day-of dash to the nearest pharmacy to pick one up. I had hoped to find an elegant black mask, but it was slim pickings. I settled for this purple and gold one, which had an extremely tacky plume of feathers erupting from the top, glued on with a giant purple gemstone in the middle and a ribbon on one side.

I had to do some quick DIY, which basically involved ripping off all those elements as best as I could, and cutting a bit off the top. In the end, I think it turned out okay.

Retro Black Dress Masquerade Outfit

For my outfit, I went with one of my favourite pieces in my closet, this gorgeous, retro-inspired Lady Love Song black dress from Modcloth. I love this dress so much, I have it in red, too. I stayed away from jewelry completely, apart from a simple pair of black drop earrings.

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Then it was time to visit the birthday girl, Wendy, who wore her very own lovely little black dress!

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

She quickly donned her party hat, which really just completes the look, I think.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

I arrived a bit early along with two others, so we all helped with the set up. I was entrusted with hanging up streamers all around the condo, blowing up balloons (which, with lipstick, is no easy feat), and curling ribbons for the rolled up, top-secret murder mystery clues.

A Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Wendy and Daniel laid out a wonderful spread of appetizers, which kept us all happy and nibbling as we set to work.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour party-food

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Each party guest was assigned a character, with their own backstory and everything! Funnily enough, all the characters had colours for last names.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

We all got character name tags, as well as “tickets” to the masquerade we were attending, thrown by the mayor of the small town we were all residents of – all of which is part of the murder mystery storyline.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

I was assigned Drew Golden, a stage hand with aspirations of stepping into the spotlight – if only the director of the theatre troop would let me!

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Just as we finished setting up everything and tying up all the clues, the rest of the guests began filtering in.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

My long lost love arrived all the way back from Ottawa!

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

We’re pretty fond of each other, if you can’t tell. (And another addition to the little black dress gang we had accidentally formed.)

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour


Monica played Ashton Jade, my cousin in the story, who was accusing me of killing off our grandfather for money. The horror!

Suspiciously, though, Ashton’s boss had suddenly died, putting her in line for a big promotion at work. Hmm….

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Monica’s character, unfortunately, was the one to get murdered. And so the detective work began.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Every character got slips of paper which were to be opened and read by them secretly at specific times. These told us which characters to talk to, what to tell them, and what information to hold back.

For example, I was told to spread a bit of gossip about two other characters, and also confide in two people of my choosing that I had in fact killed my grandfather, though I claimed it was out of mercy, and at his wishes.

As we all mingled and gleaned bits of information, we had to decide whose stories to trust, and who to suspect. The fun part was even the murderer didn’t know they were the murderer at this point – that came at the very end.

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

He looks rather suspicious, don’t you think?

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour masquerade-party

It was a lot of fun. We all traded information about our alibis (or lack thereof) at the time of the murder, and then had to take turns declaring who we thought did the deed. Then, we all read our final slips of paper aloud.

Guess who was the most nefarious one of all?

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

As it turns out, it was me who killed my cousin, because she was going to reveal my secret and get me sent off to prison. Sorry, Monica – ya had it comin’!

I got to say a line I never, ever thought I’d be able to say in context.


Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

Happy birthday, Wendy. You threw a fantastic and very original party!

Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour Masquerade Murder Mystery | Sara du Jour

At the end of the night, after most of the guests had gone on their merry ways, the last few of us lingered to catch up on what had been going on in our lives. I told those of my friends who didn’t already know about my lay-off, and also told them the good news that had happened just one day before, on Friday: I accepted a job offer!

A big thank you to all of you who provided support over these last few weeks, and kept me in your thoughts. I appreciate that so much.

Happy days!

– Sara

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  • What a nice post! I’m really, really glad you found a job again, I’m smiling like an idiot

    • saradujour

      Thanks so much, Sandra. That means a lot! x

  • Lieselotta37

    So glad you accepted the job offer! The party sounds so interesting, I wish my friends and I had the patience and imagination to throw something similar :)

    • saradujour

      Thank you! I was so glad I didn’t have to organize this one. I could just sit back and enjoy it! Wendy and Daniel did a fantastic job. x

  • dayum

    wow those boys are A+

    • saradujour

      I will give them your regards, Dayum. ;)

  • Your new blog theme is more professional too. I like that :)

    • saradujour

      So happy you like it, I hope it’s easier to navigate! x

  • Liz

    Wow! New theme and new job? Pretty good Sara!

    • saradujour

      Thank you so much, Liz. I hope you’ve been well too! xx

  • This looks like soooo much fun! I’ve been thinking of going to a murder mystery dinner and this just sealed the deal for me.
    I loved that nude lip, but you’re definitely right. Red turned out to be a more dramatic, especially considering you were a murderer!

    • saradujour

      Oh, do! It was such fun. I liked the nude lip too, but once I put on the mask, it felt a bit flat to me. Thanks for reading, Kari! x

  • EliCaroline

    That is an awesome idea for a birthday party. Everyone looks great in their masks. – As for your black dress. It’s awesome. The fit on it is amazing! :)

    • saradujour

      Thank you! Yes, it was a fantastic time. x

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Sara – I’m a huge admirer of your blog, your style aesthetic is so sophisticated! This was a fun post – I love your dress, and I’m wondering, if you feel comfortable, you would share the size you bought? I think we have a similar body type, and I’ve been reading the dress reviews to determine what would be a good fit. Thank you, I love following your adventures! xo

    • saradujour

      Hello, and thank you so much! I have the dress in red and black, medium and large respectively, and I find large more comfortable. However if you want a super body-hugging fit, then medium’s your best bet (if we have a similar figure, that is.) Hope that helps! x