March 13th, 2013

The Perfect Nude Nails.

After going through the long and arduous ordeal of removing my pink ombre glitter manicure, I was in the mood for classic, clean-looking nude nails this week. I immediately reached for my favorite pinky nude polish: OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy. The ideal nude nail polish is a slightly lighter version of your skin color. It gives the illusion of elongated fingers, and clean, healthy fingernails. 

The perfect nude nail polish for you depends on your skin tone. I’ve tried many colors and brands before finding this one, including OPI’s Samoan Sand, a favorite of many people, but I found it too beige for me. (However, it’s still a great polish, and looks fabulous on many people – just not me!) Coney Island Cotton Candy is a classic nude with peachy-pink undertones, so it goes nicely with more pink-based skin tones.

One coat gives a nice clean wash (think: French manicure), but several coats gives the perfect, nearly opaque nude mani, which is what I’ve done here. This polish is so easy to work with: not too runny, nor too goopy.

I think nude nail polish looks especially nice when you’ve grown out your nails a little, because it really helps make your fingers look long and slender. My nails have been rather healthy lately, so I was able to grow them a bit without them breaking or starting to peel. We’ll see how long I’ll be able to put up with long nails before I take a clipper to them in a rage, though. xx

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