December 4th, 2015

DIY Gold Dipped Glass Bottles (IKEA Hack)

DIY Gold Dipped Glass Bottles | Sara du Jour
Want to get that Anthropologie look on an IKEA budget? I have just the thing. With just a little clever DIY-ing and about ten minutes, you can make basic glass bottles or vases look super luxe with this gold-dipped effect.

DIY Gold Dipped Glass Bottles | Sara du Jour

You’ll need:

DIY Gold Dipped Glass Bottles | Sara du Jour

Step 1

Tape off any parts of the bottle that you don’t want gold. I left the entire bottoms of my bottles bare for the gold-dipped effect, but you can also use the painters tape to create stripes or any other pattern.

Step 2

Make sure you only ever spray-paint outdoors, and try to stay upwind of the breeze, so that any airborne paint travels away from you rather than at you. Hold the bottle of paint about 8″ away from what you want to paint, and always keep the paint moving, in small circular motions.

Step 3

Once you have a solid coating of paint, let the bottles or vase dry. I flipped mine upside down so that the bottoms (which were coated with paint) weren’t touching anything. This particular paint dried in about 45 minutes, but it wouldn’t hurt to leave it for a few hours, if you’re not in a pinch for time.

Step 4

Peel off the tape. If you’ve taped it tightly enough, the edges should be clean, but in case there are any slight errors, you can either pick at it with your nail to clean it up, or rub at any bits you don’t want painted with a cotton swab dipped in acetone.

DIY Gold Dipped Glass Bottles | Sara du Jour

That’s it! Now you have beautiful gold-dipped vases or glass bottles. I wouldn’t recommend using this DIY method on glassware or plates that you intend to eat or drink from, since a) this paint job isn’t super durable or dishwasher safe, and b) the paint isn’t food safe. But for home decor, go wild! If you’re spray painting something that will be handled often (like drinking glasses), consider using a transparent paint sealer after you spray paint. I skipped this step, though.

What do you think? Are you going to make any DIY gold-dipped glass bottles of your own? x

– Sara

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