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Hello! I’m Sara, a twenty-something writer + blogger from Toronto, Canada.

I love beauty, and strive to fill every aspect of my life with as much of it as possible. I hope you’ll find bits of it here on my blog, whether it’s in the form of pretty home decor, a delicious recipe, an inspiring book, a piece of advice, or the perfect shade of lipstick.

A little bit more about me: I’m really good at sleeping and really bad at doing it at appropriate times. As a natural night owl, I prefer to stay up marathoning tv shows, devouring books, or curled up watching movies with a mug of tea, and dealing with the regret in the morning. I get excited about musical theatre, feminism, handsome British actors, and videos of animals knocking over small children.

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m an introvert, so my natural habitat is the great indoors, – basking in the warm glow of my laptop. If I’ve managed to tear myself away from the comfort of my bed temporarily, you’re likely to find me laughing and clapping like a happy seal amongst my friends, eating messily, or engrossed in a debate about morality or fictional characters. (Often, both at once.)

My special talents include ordering the best thing on a menu, building IKEA furniture, and not being able to drink a glass of water without dribbling on myself.

The photos you’ll see on this blog are mostly shot with my Panasonic Lumix GF5 camera paired with a pancake lens. (With the occasional iPhone snap mixed in.)

My blog is a little peek into my world: the things I enjoy, the people I enjoy them with, and a few things I’ve learned along the way. Know that this is a collection of some of the best, shiniest moments of my life, not the whole of it.

With all that said, welcome! I’m glad you’ve found me, and I hope you stay a while. Grab a snack, get comfortable, and happy browsing!

– Sara

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For business inquiries, please contact me at saradujour@live.com.

  • Sarah

    Sara, what do you do for living, you never told on the blog? :)

    • saradujour

      I’m a copywriter at a digital ad agency, meaning I come up with cool concepts for ad campaigns and write them. :)

  • Nica

    What is your height, Sara? You look tall on your photos. :)

    • saradujour

      Hello! I’m 5″7 :)