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Hey there, I’m Sara. A twenty-something writer, cosplayer, and creative based in Toronto, Canada.

Consider me your friendly neighbourhood shapeshifter.

I get excited about a lot of things, all of which inspire my work. Whether it’s the art of drag, musical theatre, creative makeup, Disney, historical fashion, movies and TV, or mythology – I love it all. Combine all that with my affinity for writing and photography, and you get this blog.

This little corner of the internet is mine, and I share whatever I’m into and whoever I transform into that day. Hence the blog’s name: Sara du Jour.

You might find a cosplay, a beauty look, an outfit, a recipe, or a review of something I’ve been loving lately.

I hope you’ll join me, and find something here that excites and inspires you, too.


If you like what you see on my blog, let’s be friends! Here’s where to find me:

Happy scrolling!

– Sara

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Interested in collaborating? Shoot me an email to saradujour@live.com and let’s chat.


  • Sarah

    Sara, what do you do for living, you never told on the blog? :)

    • saradujour

      I’m a copywriter at a digital ad agency, meaning I come up with cool concepts for ad campaigns and write them. :)

  • Nica

    What is your height, Sara? You look tall on your photos. :)

    • saradujour

      Hello! I’m 5″7 :)