October 11th, 2022

Bridgerton Costume – Regency Ball Style

Bridgerton Costume - Regency Ball Style | Sara du Jour

Happy Halloween month! I’ve returned to (hopefully) bring you some Halloween inspo. This past weekend I attended The Bridgerton Experience – a regency-themed ball. It was pretty spectacular, and nearly everyone really went all out with their regency-inspired looks. This was the Daphne Bridgerton-esque Bridgerton costume I put together for the occasion. Everything I got was very affordable – call that ballin’ on a budget. Literally. Continue Reading →

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October 31st, 2020

Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m so excited to share this Princess Jasmine cosplay transformation with you, I’ve been planning it forever. So leave your homes behind for a moment and take a quick magic carpet ride with me to Agrabah. Continue Reading →


October 22nd, 2020

How I totally cleared my skin in lockdown

My Skincare Routine | Sara du Jour

This post has been a looooong time coming. I didn’t want to share my skincare routine before I finished testing everything, and was absolutely, totally sure my skincare routine worked (for me). Now, skin is completely individual, and what works for me isn’t guaranteed to work for you. All I can do is share the changes I made that took me from perpetual adult acne all through my 20s to clear skin. Hopefully, you’ll find something here helpful. Continue Reading →

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September 14th, 2020

Rare Beauty: What to Get and What to Skip

Rare Beauty Review | Sara du Jour

So: Rare Beauty launched at the beginning of September, and despite the initial assumption that this would be just another cash grab by a celebrity slapping their name on some mediocre makeup products (catered to preteens), it turned out to be pretty awesome and very fairly priced. I’ve gotta hand it to Selena Gomez and her team – I didn’t think I’d be purchasing anything from this launch, but after watching a bunch of Youtuber reviews, well, here we are. I’ve taken just over a week to test everything out myself, including wearing the products for a whole day to see how they last.

Some of these items I’m keeping, and some are getting returned. So let’s break down the good, the bad, and the…meh of Rare Beauty. Continue Reading →

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May 19th, 2020

Cruella de Vil Cosplay Makeup + Costume

Cruella de Vil Cosplay Makeup Transformation | Sara du Jour

Cruella de Vil is one BAD BITCH. So of course I eventually did a Cruella de Vil cosplay and makeup transformation. Of all the Disney villains, Cruella is probably the most fabulous, with her big fur coat, slinky black dress, blood red lipstick, and elbow-length gloves. She’s a fashion icon AND has hilariously insulting one-liners.

Once I had the whole Cruella outfit on, I definitely felt my inner bad bitch come out. Continue Reading →


May 10th, 2020

Korean Skincare Haul: Klairs + COSRX

Korean Skincare Haul: Klairs, COSRX, and more | Sara du Jour

It happened. I finally got into Korean skincare. Like many other people, I decided to use this time in lockdown to finally figure out my skincare routine. I’ve struggled with sensitive, acne-prone dry(ish) skin my whole adult life, and I’d like to get clear, glowing skin – once and for all. Plus, my thirties are just around the corner, and I’d like to have an effective and complete skincare routine sorted before then. Continue Reading →

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April 24th, 2020

Ariana Grande Costume + Makeup

Ariana Grande Costume + Makeup | Sara du Jour

I’m back, wearing all the bronzer I own for this Ariana Grande costume and makeup transformation. I promise this is the closest I’ll ever get to blackfishing. ?Aside from her occasional bouts of cultural appropriation, I’m a fan of Ariana Grande, especially this more recent chapter of her musical and style evolution.

But that’s not why I did this Ariana Grande costume. What happened was this. I ordered a pink oversized sweatshirt to lounge in during quarantine, and when I tried it on, the thought struck me to do a full Ariana Grande look, since she often wears oversized sweatshirts and thigh-high boots. Once the idea took root in my brain, there was no going back. Classic me. Continue Reading →

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April 17th, 2020

What to Get in the Sephora Sale (2020)

What to Get in the Sephora Sale | Sara du Jour

Sephora’s Spring Sale 2020 starts today for Rouge members, April 21 for VIB members, and April 23 for Beauty Insiders – which means 20% off, 15% off, or 10% off your total order, respectively. Wondering what to get in the Sephora sale? I gotchu.

I’ve put together this post to share my Sephora favorites, and which products I recommend you buy while prices are slashed. Their sale event only happens twice a year, so I wait and wait to stock up on all my holy grail products at a discount, or nab any big-ticket items I’ve had my eye on. Because buying things full-price is for suckas. (Use code “SPRINGSAVE” for your discount!) Continue Reading →

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April 11th, 2020

Maleficent Cosplay Makeup + Costume

Maleficent Movie Cosplay Makeup Tutorial and Costume | Sara du Jour

Well, well. It is I, the world’s worst procrastinator, here to bring you the Maleficent cosplay makeup tutorial I meant to share last October when I took these photos. And what a different world it was! Now we’re in lockdown because of a global pandemic. Continue Reading →

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April 7th, 2020

Pink Hair, Don’t Care: Meet Quarantina

Pink Hair and Pink Makeup | Sara du Jour

Well, we’re still in quarantine. I don’t know how you’re coping, but I’m doing everything I can to keep myself entertained and busy to prevent the darkness from creeping in. For me that means throwing myself into creative projects and transforming for fun.

It’s day 26 in my apartment as I write this, and on day 24, I had tickets to watch many of my favourite queens from Drag Race perform in Werq the World live – a streamed event broadcast around the world. It was Saturday night, and I planned to watch the show while video chatting some friends. So I decided to surprise them by showing up on Zoom in a drag look for the occasion. Continue Reading →

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March 22nd, 2020

The Quarantine Chronicles

The Quarantine Chronicles: Social Distancing | Sara du Jour
– Wonder Woman cosplay details here –

Well hello there! Our world is quite a bit different than it was the last time I posted, so I thought I’d check in. As I write this, I’m on day 11 of self-isolation and social distancing – meaning I stay at home and only go out for walks (usually through nature) or occasionally to buy necessities from the store. To be perfectly honest, this isn’t a drastic change for me. Continue Reading →

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November 10th, 2019

Shego Cosplay + Costume – Kim Possible

Shego Cosplay Makeup - Kim Possible | Sara du Jour

Welcome back! As promised, here’s my Shego cosplay from this year’s double Halloween costume. Want to see my Kim Possible cosplay instead? Go here.

Don’t know who Shego is? She’s the iconic baddie from Disney’s Kim Possible. She hurls green magic just as easily as she hurls snappy insults. Continue Reading →

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October 31st, 2019

Kim Possible Cosplay: Makeup + Costume

Kim Possible + Shego Cosplay / Costume | Sara du JourHappy Halloween! For all the details on this Kim Possible cosplay, including my DIY Kim Possible costume, props, makeup and hair, keep reading. And yes, I even made Kim’s grappling hook gun. Continue Reading →

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October 7th, 2019

Lara Croft Cosplay Makeup – Angelina Jolie

Lara Croft Cosplay Makeup - Angelina Jolie | Sara du Jour

Happy Halloween month! To kick off October on the blog, I thought I’d share a recent transformation I did, turning myself into my favourite human face of all time: Angelina Jolie. So here’s my Lara Croft cosplay makeup from the Tomb Raider movies. Continue Reading →

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September 23rd, 2019

13 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

13 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women | Sara du Jour

Let me start by saying this post isn’t just Halloween costume ideas for women – it’s Halloween costume ideas for anyone who wants to dress up as a woman/female character for Halloween. But the SEO ranking for that would be utter sh*t, so please forgive me. All genders are welcome to dress up as whoever and whatever they want – it’s 2019 y’all.

With just over a month to go before Halloween, it’s a good time to start planning your Halloween costume. Here are 13 costumes and cosplays I’ve done so far, to hopefully help inspire you – whether you’re going to a Halloween party or dressing up at home for fun. Continue Reading →

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