October 31st, 2020

Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m so excited to share this Princess Jasmine cosplay transformation with you, I’ve been planning it forever. So leave your homes behind for a moment and take a quick magic carpet ride with me to Agrabah.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du JourAs a kid, Jasmine was one of my favourite Disney princesses. She was strong and spunky and everything I hoped to be one day. Plus, growing up half Arabic at an almost entirely-white school, it was really nice to have a Disney princess to look up to that made me feel less different and alone. Representation is so important.

Princess Jasmine Animated Movie Outfit

Jasmine’s outfit in the animated Aladdin movie


It was only a matter of time before I did a Princess Jasmine cosplay. The fictional land of Agrabah in the Aladdin movie is a blend of Indian and Middle Eastern cultures, clothing, and architecture, so the backdrop for these photos is the stunningly beautiful BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, a Hindu place of worship and tourist attraction in Ontario.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

Every Jasmine needs a Rajah, so I added him in for a little extra magic.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du JourKeep reading for all the details on how I brought this Princess Jasmine cosplay and costume to life, including creating a custom Jasmine wig, custom accessories, and the Princess Jasmine makeup transformation.

I couldn’t resist recreating this scene from Aladdin where Jasmine shares her deep longing to be free, and frees the palace’s doves.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

Want to recreate this cosplay yourself? Here’s everything you’ll need.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour
Princess Jasmine cosplay + costume details

JASMINE OUTFIT (details below)

-Jasmine crop top
Turquoise harem pants


-any old flats you have + gold spray paint


-Turquoise headband + headband jewel
-Gold statement necklace (similar linked)
-Gold statement earrings (similar linked)
-Gold ponytail cuffs x 2
-Prop doves

JASMINE HAIR (details below)

-Long black lace-front wig
-21″ black clip-in ponytail hair extension

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

I ordered Jasmine’s crop top off a lovely seller on Etsy, in the shade “peacock” – she also has a set of the top, pants, and headband available. I did hem the top a few inches shorter to more closely match the animated version, and shortened the off-the-shoulder straps in the back by pinning them in place. This made them sit better on my arms, but limited my range of motion – so make your choice carefully!

I opted to buy generic harem pants separately, and altered the waist portion so that it would dip down into an angle like it does in the animation, rather than being a straight across high-waisted finish. I was lucky to find pants in an almost exact shade match to the top!

For the shoes, I took a pair of nude scalloped flats I never really wear because they tear up my feet, and spray-painted them gold. The can of gold spray paint I bought years ago has turned out to be worth its weight in…gold – I use it all the time!


Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

Princess Jasmine has thick black brows that arch upward, big, kohl-lined winged eyes, and a reddish-brown lip. I wanted to get as close as I could to her (animated) face while incorporating traditionally Middle Eastern/Indian makeup styles.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

To see all the steps I did to transform into Princess Jasmine (including getting rid of my real brows and drawing on new ones), watch the video below. It compresses over an hour of work into just one minute.

Makeup products used:

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup | Sara du Jour

To create Jasmine’s eye makeup look, I used matte brown shades to add depth to the crease and add a “lift” to the eye shape to match the lifted brows and winged liner. I didn’t want to tight line my eyes with black kohl – though that would be more traditional – because it would make my eyes look smaller, and I wanted them to be as big as possible for that Disney look.

Instead, I kind of cheated the effect by using dark brown shadows to smoke out my lower lash line, and applying black liner in my inner corners to form a point.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

Princess Jasmine Cosplay / Costume Hair (DIY Custom Wig)

Ah, the hair. Disney animators never make my job easy, do they? To replicate Princess Jasmine’s animated hairstyle, I used a black, lace-front wig I had (and used for my Shego and Scar transformations) as the base.

I parted the hairline in the middle and blow-dried it to make the hair lay flat parted that way. Then I tweezed the parting to make it a bit wider and more realistic, and applied concealer to the parting as well.

DIY Princess Jasmine Costume and Wig | Sara du Jour

I sectioned off about two inches from the hairline (on either side of the parting) and pinned those out of the way, gathering the rest of the hair into a low, very loose ponytail with a clear hair elastic. Then I took the clip-in ponytail hair extension and attached it to the main wig’s ponytail I just formed, to add volume and length. The clip itself was hidden at the nape of my neck, unseen.

So now I had one mega ponytail. About halfway down the ponytail, I added another clear hair elastic to create the sections Jasmine’s hair has. There are 3 sections total: the hair sitting atop your head, the gathered middle section, and the loose, curled ends. Where those 2 clear hair elastics were, I added gold hair cuffs to cover them.

Now I just had to style those front sections I made at the beginning.

DIY Princess Jasmine Costume | Sara du Jour
I needed them to have a lot of volume and sort of stand out at the sides of the head, and I couldn’t manage to get the shape I was looking for from teasing the hair alone. So I DIY’d my own hair rollers, using 2 toilet paper rolls that I painted black and applied adhesive velcro to. I stuck a roller approximately over each ear, and wrapped the front sections of hair around them, concealing the rollers and pinning the ends of the hair in the back.


Princess Jasmine Cosplay / Costume Accessories

DIY Princess Jasmine Costume | Sara du Jour

I couldn’t find a Princess Jasmine cosplay headband I was totally happy with, so I made my own using a turquoise headband that I hot glued a blue gem to. As a final touch, I cut a cheap gold necklace I had lying around, and wrapped it around the gem, gluing that in place too.

I bought the necklace and earrings from Forever 21 over a year ago (I was searching for the perfect Jasmine earrings for a while), so these exact ones are no longer available, but I linked similar styles earlier in this post.

Fortunately I already had the two gold ponytail cuffs, but they had tarnished significantly, so I repainted them with a mixture of clear nail polish and gold eyeshadow pigment.

DIY Princess Jasmine Costume | Sara du Jour
You can use any nude flats or sandals for this costume, but if you want to go the extra mile, spray paint an old pair you have gold. They turned out cute! I might even wear them again.

DIY Princess Jasmine Costume | Sara du Jour

And of course, this is totally optional, but I picked up some prop doves to accessorize my Princess Jasmine cosplay / costume. I think they add a nice touch.

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

Thanks for joining me on this Princess Jasmine cosplay journey! I hope I showed you a whole new world. If you dressed up this year, tag me on instagram, I want to see your looks. :)

Princess Jasmine Cosplay Makeup + Costume | Sara du Jour

I’ll leave you with this bit of green screen magic. Follow me on TikTok for cute (and often cringey) videos of me in various cosplay looks trying to be hip to the teenage trends as the youth slowly drains out of my body.


Thanks for reading, and until next time,

– Sara

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