May 22nd, 2014

22 Things I Learned by 22

  1. When wearing new shoes out for the first time, always pack bandages. No matter how comfortable you think the shoes are.
  2. Take your friends out when they’re feeling glum.
  3. Make frequent plans with anyone you’d regret not seeing more of if they died tomorrow. Your family, your friends – anyone you love.
  4. Always forgive. But don’t be afraid to stop spending time with people who consistently hurt you.
  5. Eat a meal before a night of drinking if you don’t want to become best friends with the toilet the next morning.
  6. Tell people all the nice things you think about them. Too often we forget to say these things out loud.
  7. Pay your bills as soon as you get them. (If at all possible.)
  8. Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine what 80-year-old you would say about how beautiful you look now.
  9. Eat dessert.
  10. Don’t be afraid to be the person who cares more.
  11. Make the grand gesture.
  12. Don’t buy clothes that don’t currently fit you.
  13. If you always feel worse about yourself after spending time with someone, stop spending time with them.
  14. Pay attention to how your friends behave when you achieve success. The real ones will celebrate your successes with you and share in your failures.
  15. Learn how to do handy things, like fix toilets and change lightbulbs by yourself. Being self-sufficient is not gender specific.
  16. Smile at anyone who is serving you, be polite, and tip well.
  17. Do not give any one person the power to destroy you.
  18. Never stop learning.
  19. Read, read, read.
  20. It’s okay to cancel on group plans if you don’t feel like going, but cancelling a one-on-one last minute is inconsiderate.
  21. Don’t wait to wear things when you reach a certain weight. You can wear whatever style you like now. Right now.
  22. Allow yourself to look silly, whether on purpose or by accident. Life isn’t a beauty pageant.

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