June 27th, 2014

100 Little Things to Be Happy About

Sara du Jour: 100 Little Things to Be Happy About

“Remember the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

Everybody has bad days, and on the days you’re feeling low, it helps to remember the things that bring you joy, no matter how tiny. Here are 100 little things to be happy about, to remember, and to look forward to.

  1. eating raspberries off your fingertips 
  2. the smell of greenery after it has just rained 
  3. a candid photo of yourself caught mid-laugh 
  4. leafing through books at the bookstore and inhaling their scent 
  5. taking a bath lit only by candlelight 
  6. your iTunes shuffling to the perfect song 
  7. staying awake so late you see the pink tinge of a sunrise
  8. your fork gliding through the first bite of a dessert 
  9. the light turning green just as you get to it 
  10. breathlessly laughing before you can finish telling the joke 
  11. reading handwritten letters from friends or lovers 
  12. getting a smile from a cute stranger 
  13. watching a snail slowly make its way to its destination 
  14. the first cannonball into a pool of the summer 
  15. finally kissing someone you’ve wanted to kiss for a long time 
  16. going to bed without having to set an alarm for the next day 
  17. your tea being exactly the right temperature to drink 
  18. someone remembering something you said ages ago 
  19. going for a long walk through nature by yourself 
  20. coming home and finally taking off your bra 
  21. freshly painted nails 
  22. surprising someone and seeing the priceless look on their face 
  23. getting your liquid eyeliner just right 
  24. someone telling you that they missed you 
  25. flipping over your pillow and feeling the cool side against your cheek 
  26. friends who remember your birthday without needing reminders 
  27. doing well on a test you thought you did really poorly on 
  28. ending a tv season finale on a cliffhanger and hitting “next episode” immediately 
  29. pulling on your favorite cozy sweatshirt 
  30. sticking your head out of the car window while it’s driving
  31. a high five with the perfect slap-to-pain ratio 
  32. laughing at an inside joke with your best friend and leaving everyone confused 
  33. wearing something new out for the first time
  34. the last day of school before summer vacation
  35. meeting someone new and hitting it off immediately
  36. settling in to re-watch your favorite movie
  37. finding out someone else loves something you do
  38. laying on the grass and looking up at the night sky
  39. a good hug when you need it most
  40. suddenly remembering something you’d been trying to for a while
  41. drinking on a patio in the sunshine with your friends
  42. running your hands down freshly shaved legs
  43. people who can tell when you’re not being honest about how you feel
  44. an unexpected good hair day
  45. a perfectly sharpened pencil
  46. checking off something on a to-do list
  47. waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have a few hours of sleep left before you need to wake up
  48. drawing the second eye and having it turn out okay
  49. being given a present for absolutely no occasion
  50. buying fresh flowers for your table at home
  51. being greeted by your pet
  52. getting a text message from someone you were just thinking about
  53. hearing the first notes of your favorite song when you’re in public
  54. being kissed on the forehead
  55. singing your heart out when nobody’s listening
  56. making weird faces at yourself in the mirror
  57. having a great day for no particular reason
  58. swinging on the swings, even as a grown-up
  59. when someone remembers you after meeting you only briefly
  60. finally solving a puzzle
  61. watching people laugh because of something you’ve said
  62. visiting an old favorite teacher
  63. singing both parts of a duet by yourself
  64. people who like things about you that you dislike yourself
  65. being trusted with someone’s deepest secret
  66. when bits of information fall into place and you suddenly “get it”
  67. cracking open a new book
  68. laughing until your stomach hurts
  69. watching someone’s eyes light up when they talk about their passion
  70. knowing all the words to a Disney song
  71. sharing a secret smile with someone in a large group
  72. being greeted at the airport after returning from a trip
  73. getting to know a side of someone most people don’t see
  74. doing well on a project you worked really hard on
  75. winning at a board game
  76. the house lights dimming and the first strums of the overture beginning
  77. seeing old couples who are still deeply in love
  78. a stranger holding a door open for you
  79. friends re-arranging plans just so you can make it
  80. having a productive morning and being able to relax for the rest of the day
  81. the internet working again after going down
  82. being taken care of when you’re feeling sick
  83. when someone sends you something that made them think of you
  84. watching someone’s eyes grow big as they open your present
  85. being too excited to sleep the night before a day you’ve been looking forward to
  86. going on a road trip with friends
  87. unforeseen hurdles turning into great memories because of who you’re with
  88. watching the bubbles of carbonation pop and fizz
  89. doing something excellently and knowing you were made to do it
  90. plans getting cancelled when you wanted to stay at home anyway
  91. not being able to explain something but the person knows exactly what you mean
  92. calling in sick and having the whole day to yourself
  93. waking up to your pet’s face in your face
  94. going shopping and actually having money to spend
  95. cleaning the house and having everything look nice
  96. ripping the protective covering off something new
  97. a day when you feel really pretty and good about yourself
  98. getting a message from someone you have feelings for
  99. hearing a person’s voice when they’re sleepy
  100. discovering a quote that really resonates with you

Add your own little things in the comments. Happy Friday! xx

– Sara

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