December 13th, 2015

Bath & Body Works Holiday Candle Haul

Bath and Body Works Holiday Candle Haul | Sara du Jour

Fall and winter are my favourite seasons for scented candles. I love filling my home with delicious scents that remind me of the holiday season, and this year was no exception. Here’s what I got from Bath and Body Works’ holiday collection of candles.

Bath and Body Works Holiday Candle Haul | Sara du Jour

I chose two large, 3-wick candles, in Spiced Apple Toddy and Vanilla Bean, and one medium sized candle in Frosted Cranberry, since they didn’t have in the 3-wick size at my local Bath and Body Works store. Which is too bad, since Frosted Cranberry is my favourite holiday scent, and the one I enjoyed burning through last Christmas.

I love Bath and Body Works candles, because they burn cleanly, without having to have their wicks trimmed, and last an incredibly long time.

Bath and Body Works Holiday Candle Haul | Sara du Jour

Vanilla is one of my absolute favourite scents, whether it be for perfume, body spray, or candles. I think it’s delicious without being overwhelming, and I never tire of it. White Barn’s Vanilla Bean candle has a wonderful scent with a great throw – and it isn’t sickly sweet the way some vanilla candles can be. Even unlit, this candle can fill a room.

Bath and Body Works describes this one as “a luxurious confection with layers of sparkling sugar crystals & a hint of fresh cream”. Don’t they just have a way with words?

Bath and Body Works Holiday Candle Haul | Sara du Jour

Spiced Apple Toddy was a new discovery for me this year, but it smells scrumptious. It’s described as “a sweet mixture of winter fruits, apple brandy & spiced plum to warm your holiday celebrations”, but to me comes across strongly of cinnamon and apple, with perhaps a hint of nutmeg. In short, delicious, and perfect to have burning during a holiday party.

These three candles actually combine wonderfully to create a very tempting, festive scent. Perhaps I’ll try lighting all three at once! What’s your favourite holiday candle? x

– Sara

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  • TatumRiley

    I absolutely love Bath and Body Works candles, especially around the holiday <3 These sound they smell so yummy.

    Kisses and good karma,

    Tatum | AbstractAphrodite

    • saradujour

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Tatum! x