November 18th, 2013

Sweater Weather H&M Haul

I really hate being cold. Whenever I feel cold, I am gripped by the passionate desire to never, ever be cold again. Unfortunately, the heater at my office has been broken for the past few weeks, so I’ve been perpetually cold both indoors and out.

This has caused me to buy things like sweaters, thick socks, scarves, and coats in excess lately.

A little while ago I was strolling through the mall, window shopping (or at least, that was the plan…) and wandered into H&M.

…Where I found a few cozy items to snuggle into this fall and winter.

I fell in love with this sweater at first sight. The pale blue is so gorgeous, and surprisingly doesn’t make me look ashy and undead (like some cool-toned pastels can).

Baby blue is such a lovely color to wear – don’t let the fashion industry fool you into thinking only blondes with blue eyes and milk-and-honey complexions can pull it off!

I love this thick knit oatmeal cardigan because it’s a hybrid of a sweater and a blazer.

It has all the warmth of a knit sweater, but with the structure and style of a blazer, making it slightly more formal, flattering, and work-appropriate. Great for layering over a basic top!

This last sweater is one you may recognize from a recent OOTD post.

It’s super comfortable, and hangs just right on me to be flattering. Plus it’s slightly tailored, unlike most sweaters, so it makes your figure look nice.

It may look thick – but the holes mean it’s not overly warm, so it’s more of an early-fall sweater and not a winter one. (At least not winter in Toronto.)

I also ended up grabbing two last minute accessories on my way out: a pair of beautiful, genuine leather cognac gloves, and a stone grey belt.

The gloves feel wonderful on: like a second skin! (Ha.) And the belt…is a belt. It holds up pants and stuff, so that’s cool.

Have you started readying yourself for the cold weather ahead? It’s already quite freezing here in Toronto! x

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