April 23rd, 2014

Lust List: 20 Cute Spring Dresses


Reading blogs is a great way to live and shop vicariously through other people. But on occasion, we bloggers like to live and shop vicariously through our readers!

Case in point: when I’m trying save a bit, my shopping habits tend to be more of the window-shopping variety. Which may be a stroke of luck for you!

Here are a selection of 20 gorgeous spring dresses from every corner of the internet that have me drooling from afar. An array of pastels, prints, stripes, and solids at all kinds of price points, from the inexpensive to the exorbitant.

(Full disclosure: I do get a very small commission if you end up purchasing something through a link on my blog. Not all links, only some of them.)

Have at them, and let me know which ones you scoop up, if any. Happy shopping! :)


1. Garden Home Tour Dress in Delft – $104.99 from Modcloth

I adore blue and white China patterns. My mum does too, so there was a lot of it around when I was growing up. I guess that’s why these types of prints feel like home to me!


2. Quite Confectionary Dress – $49.99 from Modcloth

A wonderfully light and ethereal dress. The open back with the bow is especially lovely, too. (And will keep you cool throughout the spring and summer months.)


3. Prose Poem Dress – $47.99 from Modcloth

Doesn’t this print and color combination just make you feel cheery?


4. All The Right Stripes Dress – $74.99 from Modcloth

You know how I feel about nautical inspired stripey things. Never too many! This is a great staple dress to run around town in. I love no-brainier outfits – just grab this dress, throw on a pair of flats, and you’re out the door!


5. Decor and Dancing Dress – $77.99 from Modcloth

Shift dresses are a great idea for when you want to dress up but stay comfortable. As an added bonus, they’re forgiving in case a feast is on the agenda. This one feels very Daisy Buchanan to me – and the pastel pistachio color is just dreamy.


6. New York Minuet Dress – $87.99 from Modcloth

Speaking of the 1920s, how Gatsby is this delicate embroidered number? I’m still obsessed with twenties fashion ever since Baz Luhrman’s film came out.


7. Fine-Tuning Fabulous Dress – $59.99 from Modcloth

What’s a better way to welcome spring than with a bright smack of color? This dress is versatile and can be dressed up or down with accessories depending on the occasion. Simple flats and a canvas bag for daytime, and heels, statement earrings and a nice clutch for the evening.


8. Give Me Amour Dress in Lilac – $97.99 from Modcloth

I couldn’t decide whether to show the front or back view of this dress, because both are so cute. Click the link to see for yourself! The perfect dress for a spring picnic in the park. (Do people actually have picnics in the park anymore? I don’t know, but it sure makes for a lovely mental picture.)


9. Be Outside Dress in Delft – $79.99 from Modcloth

“No one cared who I was until I put on damask.” – Batman, from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Oh, is that not quite how the quote goes? Hmm. Damask prints all day everyday, if you ask me. This dress is worth throwing a tea party for, just so you can wear it and feel super pretty and posh. (Or like Batman.)


10. Relaxed Floral Dress – $21.80 from Forever 21

Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but that doesn’t make them any less lovely and romantic. This dress is light, breezy, and comfortable due to the elasticized waist. (Who doesn’t like those?)


11. Sugar Town Crochet Dress – $39.80 from Forever 21

A pastry of a dress. Simple, feminine, and sweet. I think this one would look especially cute paired with a thin waist belt.


12. Classic Striped Woven Dress – $33.80 from Forever 21

More stripes – this time bright and bold! This dress is also available with olive green stripes.


13. Retro Polka Dot Dress – $29.80 from Forever 21

Isn’t this pattern and style so deliciously mod? The metallic sheen of the dress adds a bit of extra glam to an otherwise minimalistic, sixties dress.


14. Lyric Dress – $398 from Kate Spade New York

If I could have just one dress from this list, I’d beg the dress gods for this one. Ooooh it’s just perfect: I love the Sicilian-inspired print, the cinching at the waist, and the knee length. Kate Spade, you will be the death of me. And my wallet. Probably not in that order.


15. Spring Breeze Lace Detail Dress – $62.99 from Ruche

Aptly named, this dress is a warm breeze in garment form. (I’m very tired, and my metaphors are getting away from me. Forgive me.) The ruching makes it very flattering on a variety of body types, too.


16. Buttercup Bow Detail Dress – $44.99 from Ruche

A darling dress that feels like it fell straight out of the fifties. I really like the colour yellow for clothing – it’s so underrated and looks amazing on all skin tones, depending on the shade.


17. Neon Skater Dress With Textured Spot – $103.48 from ASOS

Photos don’t do this dress justice. You have to watch the catwalk video to really get a sense of just how blindingly neon the dress is. A nice way to modernizing an otherwise old-fashioned dress.


18. Printed Pencil Dress – $112.88 from ASOS

*Prince George wiggle and grabby hands* Give it to me!! A perfect dress to wear to the office or out to dinner.


19. Midi Strapless Dress – $84.66 from ASOS

I could never wear this dress myself, but I love it nonetheless. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! (And by “it”, I of course mean boobies.)


20. Floral Prom Dress – $159.92 from ASOS

And last but not least, this watercolour-inspired dress. I love the fade effect and the knee-length. I don’t know if it’s quite formal enough to wear to prom (as the name implies), but it’s perfect for a weekend stroll!

Speaking of prom, would you guys be interested in me putting together a similar post of my prom dress picks? I know prom season is coming up for a lot of you, but I’m not sure if that’s something you’d be interested in reading. Let me know.

Which dress is your favorite? Leave the number in the comments below or add your own dress you’re longing for! xx

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