April 17th, 2016

Loving Lately: Spring Finds + Favorites

Loving Lately: Spring Edition

I’ve been a little off the grid the last few months (though you can always find me on Instagram), but I thought I’d return to the blogosphere to share a few of my favourite things, ranging from beauty, to fashion and tech. 

Today was the most beautiful sunny day we’ve had in Toronto for a while, and the warmer weather has me all excited for the spring season.

Loving Lately: Spring Edition

First of all, we need to talk about this sunglasses pouch. When I saw it at Chapters Indigo, I had to have it – in fact, the other design was so cute too, I almost bought them both. By pure coincidence, I happened to already have a pair of sunglasses that was exactly like the illustration on the pouch!

With the weather warming up, toes are going to start making their public debuts again, and if you’re femme like me, you’re starting to think about painting them. I usually have shellac on my fingernails, but every once in a while, my nails need a break to recover, so I popped into the drugstore last week and picked up these two Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colours (#115 “In a Flash” and #296 “Cinna-snap”) to tide me over in the meantime.

I was pleasantly surprised to find they really did dry quickly, and they have pretty good lasting power (though I’m spoiled on shellac). Because really, who has the time to spend 2-3 hours incapacitated waiting for nails to dry!? Not me, that’s who.

Loving Lately: Spring Edition

do what you love case | floral watercolour case

I ordered these two transparent iPhone cases from Casetify at the beginning of the year, the same day I got my new iPhone 6S. Choosing a new phone case is my favourite part, though it did take me a little while to adjust to the size (that’s what she saidsorry).

At the time, Casetify had a deal if you bought two, so I figured I’d switch between my two favourites. The floral watercolour design is so perfect for spring. I prefer a thinner case, without a rubbery edge, so I went with the “Classic Snap Case”.

{ Casetify has the same deal again! Buy 2 cases and get $10 OFF with code: 2MORE }

Loving Lately: Spring Edition

I bought these Revlon Matte Balms on impulse after hearing rave reviews from several friends from work. There was absolutely no reason I needed new lip products, but here we are. I got #205 “Elusive” and #225 “Sultry”. They seem really similar in their packaging, but Sultry is a dark(ish) rose that’s my usual go-to lip colour, wheras Elusive is a brighter, cooler pink.

I’m kind of obsessed with them – they’re super easy to apply even without a mirror, and make your lips feel slightly minty. They’re totally matte, and depending on how much you use, you can have more of a lip stain effect or a full-on lip colour.

Loving Lately: Spring Edition

These twist-in gold star hair accessories both reminded me of my 90’s childhood and were delightfully whimsical, so for a few dollars I couldn’t resist. You can use them to pin back side bangs, or twist them into updos for a touch of magic.

Loving Lately: Spring Edition

Last but not least is this pair of black suede (okay, faux-suede) t-strap heels, from JustFab. The ankle strap means your foot can’t slip out, and the bearable heel height makes them comfortable enough to walk (or dance) in. They’re fantastically retro and I can’t wait to wear them. I just have to make sure I keep them out of the April showers!

Leave me a comment letting me know one of your recent favourites! x

– Sara

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