March 30th, 2013

Gold Nails of the Week


I am quite late in posting this, as I’m just about to take this manicure off, actually. But anyway – this past week I went for a gold nail look, and I used two polishes.


OPI “Glitzerland”, and Sephora by OPI “Charge It!”. I used “Charge It!” as the base, but it was too yellow-gold on its own, and I wanted an antique gold nail look. I added a thin coat of “Glitzerland” over it to remedy this, but then it was too dull! So I put another layer of “Charge It!” on top of everything, and was finally satisfied with the color. But because I mixed two different textures of polishes, it became quite difficult to work with – I had to be really careful!


I also had to wait ages for it to dry properly, which was inconvenient, but I’m happy with the result. xx

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  • Amanda

    When you polish your nails does it last for the week? Mine never last more than one day without chipping all up. ?