July 10th, 2013

Product Rave: Airbrush Legs


I have had this stuff on my shopping list since forever, but somehow always manage to forget to buy it when I’m at the drugstore. Last week I finally bought myself a can, after hearing and reading so many rave reviews of it.

A red carpet must-have for many celebrities, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs provides a sheer mist of color and coverage: essentially, real-life photoshop for your legs. It’s completely waterproof, sets magically in 60 seconds, won’t transfer onto clothing, won’t budge or streak even in rain or intense humidity, and easily washes off in the bath or shower with soap and water. (To be clear: this is not a self-tanner. Once washed off, you get your natural skin back.)


It comes in four shades: Light Glow, Medium Glow, Tan Glow, and Deep Glow. Being relatively fair, I picked up the lightest shade. Despite this, it’s still darker than my natural skin tone, so it does give me a bit of a sun-kissed glow. If you are extremely fair, be warned that this may be too dark for you. You don’t want your legs to be very much darker than the rest of you, so apply it with a very light hand.

I’m not looking to tan, but I love this product because it evens out my skin tone, hides razor bumps, pores, veins, and imperfections, and gives my legs a beautiful subtle sheen. If you look very closely, it has some fine shimmer in it, which doesn’t quite turn you into a Cullen, but does make your skin glow, and look healthy and beautiful when the light hits.


How to apply: The directions say to spray it into your hands and apply it to your legs, but I like to spray it on my legs directly. As long as you move quickly and spread it out before it sets, you’ll get a nice, even coverage.

If you’re like me, and the lightest shade is still darker than your skin tone, make sure you don’t leave any harsh edges. Spray a tiny bit on the tops of your feet to make the color look more natural.

For best results, apply only onto areas you have freshly shaven or waxed, because the product can get stuck around hair stubble and become noticeable. Once you’re done, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (or a baby wipe), because they’ll have a lot of product on them.

It takes mere minutes to apply, and only one minute to set, so it’s extremely quick and easy to do, even in a hurry. Unlike most self-tanning products, this stuff has no unpleasant scent, so there’s absolutely nothing to give you away. ;)


As you can see, it really warms up my skin tone and makes my legs look, well…airbrushed! It’s a miracle in a bottle.

I’m not self-conscious about my legs, so this isn’t something I’d bother with on a daily basis, but it certainly is a nice little touch for special occasions. And since it’s waterproof and sweat-proof, it’s a summertime must-have! xx

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