December 3rd, 2013

Nails of the Week: Frosty Silver Bells


It’s officially December, which means I’m 100% justified in indulging in hot chocolate, Christmas music, holiday movies, and all things sparkly throughout the month. It’s no wonder it’s my favorite time of year!

Plus, the holidays are a great excuse to splurge on your loved ones… and yourself. (Even more so because it’s also my birthday month!)

Keep an eye out for a few more haul posts coming your way… I’ve been very naughty as of late.


I wanted to paint my nails something festive, but I’m saving the reds and golds for a bit closer to Christmastime. Survey says: silver!

[Perhaps I was also a little bit inspired by the Disney movie Frozen that I watched (and loved!) the other day. Hmm.]

The manicure actually looks quite a bit prettier in person, especially when the flickering candlelight dances off the sparkles. But these photos’ll have to do!


I used two silver polishes to create this winter wonderland-inspired look: Essie’s “No Place Like Chrome”, and Sephora by OPI’s “Flurry Up!”.

After the Essie silver base dried, I applied two coats of the silver glitter topcoat, creating a silver snowflake effect. I particularly love how this glitter polish has a combination of fine glitter and large, round sparkles – perfect for creating a nail blizzard!

At work today, two of the other girls were rocking festive sparkly nails, too. Are your nails already showing their holiday spirit? xx

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