October 28th, 2014

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu’s + Forever 21)

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
Fall fashion is the most fun to shop and dress for, isn’t it? Jewel tones, textures, and layering make a comeback as we ease away from the bright colours and airy designs of summertime. Here’s a fall fashion haul of a few style pieces (clothing and accessories) I’ve bought over the last little while as I got excited for the change in seasons.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
I ordered two items from Lulu’s. The first is this Varsity Charm Ivory Sweater, featuring a deep v-neck with bold black stripes around the neckline and sleeves. Upon seeing it I was plunged immediately into the 1920s, imagining Jay Gatsby and his friends wearing something similar for a match of tennis or cricket.


I wasn’t kidding, huh?

It’s lightweight and incredibly soft and cozy. I plan pair it with pants and boots, as well as tucked into pencil skirts.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
The second item I got from Lulu’s is this belted dark teal dress by Black Swan. It’s a perfect transitional piece, because you can wear it alone in the last cool days of summer, and wear it with warm tights and cardigans throughout the fall and winter. I just fell in love with the color – I really don’t have enough deep greens in my wardrobe! (Or much green at all, really.)

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
It comes with a thin black belt with gold hardware to cinch in your waist, which you can take out and replace with a belt of your own if you prefer.

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Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
Now onto part 2 of my haul: what I got from Forever 21. (At the cusp of turning 23, I’m suddenly feeling rather old for this brand. Too bad, they’ll never be rid of me!)

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
In keeping with the jewel tone theme, the first item I bought from Forever 21 was this rich, sapphire blue sateen halter top. It’s pleated and breezy, but I find it looks best when tucked into something at the waist – otherwise it can get a bit tent-like. It looks absolutely beautiful with a black pencil skirt and statement necklace.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
At the back it has a buttoned keyhole closure. The high neckline and flowing shape make it conservative enough for work, but the exposed shoulders make it just a tiny bit sexy, so it’s also perfect for meeting someone cute for drinks afterwards.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
I’ve never truly understood the logic behind a short-sleeved sweater, but this Cherie Striped Sweater was so cute it was impossible to resist, logic be damned. It’s on the shorter side, in terms of length – though not quite a crop top, so it’s ideal for pairing with some high-waisted jeans or a skirt.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
It’s so comfortable and easy to wear, I throw it on whenever I want to run a few errands or meet a friend for a quick coffee.

The last item of clothing I bought was this deep burgundy textured pencil skirt. I wear pencil skirts to work very frequently, so it’s nice to have a bit of variety apart from basic black.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
This one has an exposed bronze zipper in the back, and a unique zig-zag patterned texture.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
Fun fact: the name “Sara” actually means princess, so it was only fitting that I have a tiara to wear, albeit a teeny tiny one.

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
This jewelled tiara ring, also from Forever 21, is actually meant to be worn as a midi-ring. Since I’m not a fan of the trend, I prefer to wear it on my smallest finger instead.

It’s a good reminder to keep my chin up and stand tall, no matter the situation. Can you believe it was less than $4?

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
Isn’t it just darling? I’ve started wearing it for good luck. Let’s see if it works its magic on me!

Fall Fashion Haul (Lulu's + Forever 21) | Sara du Jour
Last but certainly not least, I picked up these dainty little pearl and rhinestone stud earrings. I wear pearl studs practically every day, but I thought these were something a little dressier since they add an element of sparkle. In my opinion, you can wear the most basic outfit – a sweater, jeans, and boots – but with pearl stud earrings, the whole look just seems a bit more ladylike.

And that concludes my fall fashion haul. Have you picked up something special for the season? Let me know in the comments! xx

– Sara

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  • annemzdixon

    I love your taste in fashion! I’ve always found it a little tricky to dress myself, so it’s nice to see some inspiration. The little tiara ring is especially cute and awesome.! :D

    • saradujour

      Thank you, so glad you’re inspired! x

  • Stephanie

    Everything about you is so adorable!! I hope you’re enjoying your new job.

    • saradujour

      That’s so sweet, thank you! I am, it’s a great place to work. There are dogs and snacks, so I’m set.

  • Looks like you’ve made some great picks


  • Such beautiful colors for Fall – I love a good, dark royal blue for a Thanksgiving ensemble! Thanks for sharing. :) Xo, Alison


    • saradujour

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Alison! x

  • Carly Van Loe

    The textured wine skirt is amazing! I would seriously consider wearing to work at least once a week….
    The Doctor Diva

    • saradujour

      Thanks, Carly! I intend to! x

  • Liz

    I love the dress!