October 26th, 2015

Forever 21 Accessories Haul

Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour
Forever 21 Canada (my bae, as we all know) has had so many cute things on its site lately. With the holidays fast approaching, I picked out a few accessories to help me sparkle. I just bought these items recently, and all but one item are still on the site as I write this post. So if you see something here that you absolutely must have, hurry up and grab it before it goes! Here’s what I got.

The goods:

  1. Sparkly Champagne Heels
  2. Rhinestone Flower Statement Necklace
  3. Statement Jewelled Earrings (similar)
  4. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
  5. Retro Metallic Cat-Eye Sunglasses
  6. Teardrop Rhinestone Stud Earrings
  7. Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
  8. Jewelled Chained Duster Earrings

Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour

This gold and rhinestone flower statement necklace sits right at the base of your neck and lends the perfect amount of sparkle to a glamorous evening outfit or to dress up a more casual look. (Think: dress shirt and sweater.)

Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour

I’m bringing back my Audrey Hepburn costume for Halloween this year – but I’m hoping to improve on it. I needed the perfect retro sunglasses to match the ones she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and these tortoiseshell ones were perfect!

Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour

I had fallen in love with the Tom Ford Nastasya rose gold sunglasses, and when I saw these from Forever 21, I thought they were quite similar in style, but luckily with a very different price tag. They’re a metallic white gold, with tortoiseshell on the sides and brown gradient lenses. I can’t wait to style these!

Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour

Last but not least, my very favourite item in the haul: these magical, sparkly champagne-coloured heels. They make me feel like Cinderella! When worn, they match my skin colour quite closely, elongating the legs and adding glitz. The fit is true to size – I’m an 8.5 and the 8.5 size is perfect.

Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour These shoes are much higher than I typically wear, which means they are reserved for very special occasions. Frankly, I don’t expect to get a ton of wear out of them, but they are so beautiful that I’m using them as room decor on my windowsill until the opportunity arises. Forever 21 Accessories Haul | Sara du Jour

Let me know if you end up scooping up one of these treasures for yourself. Happy online shopping! x

– Sara

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